FAQ about Breathwork

What is breathwork?

Let me put this as simple as it is, breathwork is breathing. 

The type of breathwork that I teach, is an active breathing technique known for its transformative effects. It allows us to disconnect from our head, reconnect to the body, move stuck energy and emotions, and be active participants in your healing journey. 

Breathwork is a completely safe practice where we breathe through the mouth and out the mouth for the practice.

Continuous breathing helps to break down the emotions that build up in the body that are stagnant and unprocessed and create havoc on our physical and energetic bodies. Breathwork is known as the fastest way to get out of your head and connect to both your body and your intuition. This for many people facilities an emotional purging, leaving you feeling lighted and clearer. In essence, you are relearning to inhabit your body, establish new pathways in the brain and cultivate emotional and relational intelligence.  


While my technique remains mostly the same across all sessions, what you experience and heal will vary from session to session, and person to person. 

We’ll start with our breathwork session this will go for about 60/80mins. Trust me, this will feel like 5 minutes once it’s over.

We will then drop into a little meditation for about 10/15mins, this will be tailored to you and what you are hoping to achieve out of our session. Times will also depend on the length of your session. 

Your body is open and expanded, you are connected to your highest self and an open channel for information, messages, or just a feeling of bliss. We will then just debrief after the session, talk about your experience and how you are feeling. You will also be given a daily breathing exercise to take home with you.  

How do I breathe throughout the session?

Your breathwork is done all through the mouth, in through the mouth, and out through your mouth. This is done all laying down, you will inhale into the belly, and exhale all the air through the mouth moving right into the next breath.  


I invite you to please come with an open mind, an open heart, and to be open to infinite possibilities.  

Like anything, when we come to a session with certain expectations, we may be disappointed by the perceived outcome. Trust that the breath and the energy are doing EXACTLY WHAT IT NEEDS.  

Here are some common feelings and reactions the body can experience (please know this is all completely normal) this is all allowing the breath to do its work and for you to move on through your journey.  

Temperature – it is normal for the body temperature to fluctuate from hot to cold as fear is being released from the body.   

Body Stiffening – The body can tighten and contract in places that commonly hold blockages – the mouth and lips, the hands and arms (tetany), the legs and feet, the hips.  

Tingling – It is very common for the body to begin tingling either all over or in certain areas, depending on where the energy is moving.  

Movement – During the session your body may shake, vibrate, move around. Ensure you are listening to your body!  

Release – you may feel the need to release energy through crying, laughing, screaming. All of this is a part of the energetic release.  

Muscle tightness – energy can collect in the body and create a traffic jam. The area may become knotted, tight, or sore. This usually passes with minutes.  

Emotions – the process is about releasing the emotions that are on the surface. When breathing we are getting under the fears and anxieties that are stuck so this may get uncomfortable.  

After a session, you’ll likely feel some combination of clarity, calm, connection to self and others, forgiveness, increased feeling of groundedness, creative inspiration, or like you just woke up from a nap.  

You may experience some of these or none. Your experience will change from session to session and person to person. All experiences are temporary and you can use your breath to move through them.  


The answer is no. Though the breathing is rapid, it is done in a controlled way. You are in control; this is your breath! You will know how deep or shallow you want to take the breath and how intense or subtle you would like the experience to be.  


As we start the active breath, you begin to increase your level of oxygen in your body. You are oxygenating the blood and releasing endorphins in the body. We are blowing off the C02 which is allowing you to calm the noises in our head and allowing us to calm our minds.

When your endorphins kick in, your brain is less and less in control though it will try to fight it for the first few minutes. Your body may start to feel electric like it is coming alive with energy. You may experience this all over, or just in one area. This is when your body begins to open up and energy and emotions can move freely through the body, even those emotions that have seemed stuck for lifetimes. 

You are voluntarily stimulating the involuntary system and moving to a higher state of consciousness.  

Who is breathwork for?

Breathwork is for anyone and everyone. Breathwork is an effective tool for navigating the ups and downs of everyday life. Breathwork is also for anyone with a desire to integrate their body and mind, deeper self-awareness, elevate your capacity to heal, or increase your overall healthy and spiritual well-being. 

Benefits of Breathwork

There are so many benefits of breathwork probably more than I could ever put onto paper. These can be experienced both quickly and over a longer period of time with consistent practice. Here are some common benefits;

- Improved sleep 

- Reduced stress and tension 

- Feelings of openness, love, gratitude, and clarity  

- Deep embodiment and an improved relationship with your body 

- Release of trauma or mental, physical, and emotional blocks 

- Release of fear, grief, or anger  

- Heightened creativity and inspiration  

- A healthy connection to your emotions 

- Physical and energetic release  

- Release of toxins and trapped energy 

- Shifts from victimhood to empowerment  

- Clarity  

- Deep inner peace  

I have Medical conditions

If you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork.  

I am Pregnant?

While some practitioners do work with clients that are pregnant, unfortunately at this point in time, I do not. The practice can create intense emotional awakenings within the system and can create an emotional disturbance for the baby.   


My own personal experience with breathwork has shifted my day-to-day on how I react or not react to outcomes in my life. Breathwork pulled me out of a shitty place of life, calmed my depression and anxiety. But please know as a facilitator I am just that. I am not healing you, you are doing that yourself. I am here to hold a safe space for you to be in your body in a new and vulnerable way to process through the emotions and energy that you are ready to release.  

With your breath, you are unlocking your body’s own ability to heal itself. 

Lots of Love

Makiah xx